GRE Word List


to make soiled or tarnished : defile

The meaning of the word sully is to make soiled or tarnished : defile.

Random words

slywise in practical affairs
assailto attack violently : assault
clamberto climb awkwardly or with effort especially by using both the hands and the feet
elopeto run away secretly with the intention of getting married usually without parental consent
bastarda child born to parents who are not married to each other
shimmerto shine with a soft tremulous or fitful light : glimmer
clapto strike (two things, such as two flat, hard surfaces) together so as to produce a sharp percussive noise
sporadicoccurring occasionally, singly, or in irregular or random instances
fervidvery hot : burning
vitreousresembling glass (as in color, composition, brittleness, or luster) : glassy