GRE Word List


defile; soil; tarnish; Ex. sully one's hands in menial labor

The meaning of the word sully is defile; soil; tarnish; Ex. sully one's hands in menial labor.

Random words

jabberchatter rapidly or unintelligibly
parchedextremely dry; very thirsty; V. parch: make or become extremely dry (by exposure to heat)
nominalin name only; of a name; trifling; (of a sum of money) very small; CF. nominate: propose as a candidate; appoint
metamorphosischange of form; Ex. metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly; V. metamorphose: change by metamorphosis
havenplace of safety; refuge; harbor; Ex. tax haven
foreshadowgive an indication beforehand; be a sign of (what is coming); portend; prefigure
stumbletrip and almost fall; proceed unsteadily; act falteringly; N.
bereaveddeprived of (someone beloved through death)
homeostasistendency of a system or organism to maintain relative stability or internal equilibrium; CF. homeo-: constant; Ex. homeotherm
lachrymoseproducing tears; tearful