GRE Word List


increase gradually (as the moon); grow

The meaning of the word wax is increase gradually (as the moon); grow.

Random words

trektravel; journey; V: make a long difficult journey
scintillatrace; minute amount; shred; least bit; Ex. There is not a scintilla of truth; CF. spark
hiatusgap; pause; gap or interruption in space or time; break
equabletranquil; of even calm temper; (of temperature) steady; uniform
embroiderdecorate with needlework; ornament (a story) with fancy or fictitious details; embellish
motiftheme; recurrent thematic element in a musical or literary work; single or repeated pattern; figure
gruesomegrisly; horrible
appurtenancessubordinate possessions; something added to a more important thing
jabpoke abruptly with something sharp; punch with short blows
veerchange in direction; swerve