GRE Word List


respect; value; judge; N.

The meaning of the word esteem is respect; value; judge; N..

Random words

crestfallendejected; dispirited
ordaindecree or command; grant holy orders; predestine; install as a minister, priest, or rabbi; N. ordainment; CF. ordination
deputizework or appoint as a deputy; N. deputy: person who has the power to take charge when the leading person is away
contextwritings preceding and following the passage quoted; circumstance in which an event occurs
haplessunfortunate; luckless
impersonalnot being a person; not showing personal feelings; Ex. impersonal force/manner/organization
hermitagehome of a hermit
expungecancel; remove a word or name (from a book or list); erase
oafstupid awkward person; CF. elf