GRE Word List


boxer; CF. pugilism: boxing

The meaning of the word pugilist is boxer; CF. pugilism: boxing.

Random words

conscriptdraftee; person forced into military service; V.
soarrise or fly high in the air; Ex. The rocket soared into the sky.
surveillanceclose observation of a person (esp. one under suspicion); watching; guarding
execrablevery bad; detestable
incredulouswithholding belief; skeptical; showing disbelief
dissertationformal essay; treatise
atavismresemblance to remote ancestors rather than to parents; reversion to an earlier type; throwback; ADJ. atavistic
inveteratedeep-rooted; habitual; CF. grow old
outmodedno longer in fashion or use; no longer stylish; old-fashioned
thrallslave; bondage; slavery; Ex. Her beauty held him in thrall; CF. enthrall