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GRE Word List


strange; mysterious; Ex. uncanny knack

The meaning of the word uncanny is strange; mysterious; Ex. uncanny knack.

Random words

well-bredof good upbringing; well-mannered and refined
latentpresent but not yet noticeable or active; dormant; hidden; N. latency; CF. potential
pestletool for mashing or grinding substances in a hard bowl or mortar
clasphold firmly within arms
rejuvenatemake young again
sagaciouswise; perceptive; shrewd; having insight; N. sagacity
stridentloud and harsh; insistent; N. stridency
incidentalnot essential; minor; N: something incidental
hackleshairs on back and neck, especially of a dog; Ex. make someone's hackles rise
tertiarythird in order or rank