GRE Word List


beginner; novice

Spring Vocabulary In English
Spring Vocabulary In English

The meaning of the word tyro is beginner; novice.

Random words

generatecause; produce; create
reinstaterestore to a previous condition or position
temerityboldness; nerve; rashness; Ex. temerity to ask for a pay increase after only three day's work
exhumedig out of the ground; remove from a grave
primategroup of mammals including humans
incarnateendowed with flesh; invested with bodily form; personified; Ex. devil incarnate; V: give bodily form to; embody
halfheartedexhibiting little interest or enthusiasm
coquetteflirt; flirtatious woman; woman who tries to attract the admiration of men without sincere feelings; V.
torquetwisting force; force producing rotation
psychiatristdoctor who treats mental diseases