GRE Word List


lack of physical or mental energy; lassitude; depression

The meaning of the word languor is lack of physical or mental energy; lassitude; depression.

Random words

gratifyplease; satisfy; Ex. gratify a desire
kenrange of knowledge; Ex. beyond one's ken
acclimateadjust to climate or environment; adapt
purportintention; purpose; meaning; V: claim; profess; Ex. order which purports to be signed by the general
inamoratawoman whom a man loves
infamousnotoriously bad; notorious; well known for being bad; Ex. infamous behavior; N: infamy: infamous act; evil fame or reputation
accoutreequip; N. accoutrement
acclivitysharp upslope of a hill; OP. declivity
sinisterevil; ominous
predeterminedetermine in advance; predestine; settle or decide beforehand; influence markedly