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GRE Word List


irreverence; lack of respect for God or piety

The meaning of the word impiety is irreverence; lack of respect for God or piety.

Random words

acneskin disease (on the face)
manifoldmany in number or kind; numerous; varied
manipulateoperate with one's hands; control or play upon (people, forces, etc.) artfully; maneuver; Ex. how to manipulate publicity and men; ADJ. manipulative
evinceshow clearly
outstripoutrun; surpass; outdo
idyllshort poem idealizing rural life; simple happy period of life (in the country); scene from such a time; Ex. idyll of two young lovers
conventionalordinary; typical; not nuclear; Ex. conventional weapons
stultifymake stupid in mind; cause to appear or become stupid or inconsistent; suppress; frustrate or hinder; Ex. stultifying effect of uninteresting work; Ex. stultify free expression
gratuitousgiven freely; unwarranted; uncalled for; done without good reason; Ex. gratuitous comment
superimposeplace over something else