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GRE Word List


slovenly; careless; sloppy; untidy; shabby; Ex. slipshod work

The meaning of the word slipshod is slovenly; careless; sloppy; untidy; shabby; Ex. slipshod work.

Random words

disconcertconfuse; upset; embarrass; perturb
placatepacify; bring peace to; conciliate; appease
satiricalusing satire; mocking
affluenceabundance; wealth
drudgeryhard unpleasant work; menial work
virtuegoodness; moral excellence; good quality; advantage; Ex. by virtue of; Ex. make a virtue of necessity
inextricablefrom which it is impossible to get free; that cannot be untied; Ex. inextricable troubles; Ex. inextricable two histories
bevylarge group; Ex. a bevy of starlets
smartintelligent; quick and energetic; fashionable; Ex. smart pace/restaurant; V: cause or feel a sharp pain; N: smarting pain
unearthlynot earthly; supernatural; weird; ghostly