GRE Word List


shell covering the back (of a turtle, tortoise, crab, etc.)

The meaning of the word carapace is shell covering the back (of a turtle, tortoise, crab, etc.).

Random words

juxtaposeplace side by side; CF. next
ventilateadmit fresh air into to replace stale air
docileobedient; easily managed; submissive
blusterblow in heavy gusts; threaten emptily; bully; speak in a noisy or bullying manner; CF. breeze, gust, gale
rhapsodizespeak or write in an exaggeratedly enthusiastic manner; Ex. rhapsodize over the beauty of the scenery
crabbedsour; bad-tempered; peevish; difficult to read as handwriting
initiatebegin; originate; receive into a group; introduce to a new field or activity; Ex. initiate someone into the mysteries of a secret religion; N: one who has been initiated
flipsend (something) spinning, often into the air, by striking with a light quick blow; turn over; Ex. flip over
parameterlimit; independent variable; Ex. parameters of the problem; Ex. within the parameters of the budget