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GRE Word List


tip; summit; climax; highest point

The meaning of the word apex is tip; summit; climax; highest point.

Random words

subsumeinclude (as a member of a group); encompass
fathomlesstoo deep to be measured or understood; unfathomable
obnoxiousoffensive; disagreeable; Ex. obnoxious smell
prosceniumpart of stage in front of curtain; front arch of a stage
misconstrueinterpret incorrectly; misinterpret; misjudge
tycoonwealthy and powerful businessperson; wealthy leader; magnate; Ex. business tycoon
hotheadperson who does things too quickly without thinking; ADJ. hotheaded
stinkstench; V: emit a strong foul odor
fallow(of land) plowed but not sowed (to improve the quality); uncultivated