GRE Word List


honor; tribute; great respect; Ex. pay/do homage to

The meaning of the word homage is honor; tribute; great respect; Ex. pay/do homage to.

Random words

blackballvote against (an applicant); ostracize; N: negative vote
dilutemake (a liquid) less concentrated; reduce in strength; Ex. dilute the influence of the president
patentobvious; easily seen; open for the public to read; of or protected by a patent; Ex. patent to everyone; N.
tendhave a tendency; take care of; minister; serve at; apply one's attention; attend
glazecover with a thin and shiny surface; apply a glaze to; N: thin, smooth, shiny coating (as for pottery); Ex. unglazed pottery
frolicplay and jump about happily; frisk; Ex. frolicking young lambs
eonlong period of time; an age; longest division of geologic time containing two or more eras
evasivenot frank; trying to hide the truth; eluding; evading; V. evade: avoid (a duty or responsibility) or escape from by deceit
slough(of a snake) shed or cast off (dead outer skin); N: outer layer that is shed