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GRE Word List


honor; tribute; great respect; Ex. pay/do homage to

The meaning of the word homage is honor; tribute; great respect; Ex. pay/do homage to.

Random words

sciondetached plant shoot used in grafting; descendant
furorfrenzy; great anger and excitement; CF. fury
gulltrick; deceive; hoodwink; N: person who is easily tricked; dupe
glutinoussticky; viscous; gluey
vicariousexperienced as if one were taking part in the experience of another; done by a deputy for other people; acting as a substitute; Ex. vicarious thrill at the movies; Ex. the vicarious sufferings of Christ
quizzicalcurious; suggesting puzzlement (without saying); questioning; teasing; mocking; bantering; Ex. quizzical glance
flutter(of a bird with large wings) wave (the wings) lightly, rapidly, and irregularly; vibrate rapidly or erratically; fly by waving quickly; flitter; N.
limboregion near heaven or hell where certain souls are kept; prison (slang); Ex. Purgatory and Limbo
annexattach; add to a large thing; take possession of; incorporate (territory) into a larger existing political unit (by force); N: building added to a large one
tessellatedmosaic; inlaid; Ex. tessellated pattern