GRE Word List


style of cooking; Ex. French cuisine

The meaning of the word cuisine is style of cooking; Ex. French cuisine.

Random words

rhapsodizespeak or write in an exaggeratedly enthusiastic manner; Ex. rhapsodize over the beauty of the scenery
exodusdeparture (of a large number of people)
overthrowtopple; N.
limpwalk lamely; ADJ: lacking firmness; weak
reverentrespectful; worshipful; V. revere: regard with reverence; N. reverence: profound respect
sacrilegiousdesecrating; profane; N. sacrilege: desecration, misuse, or theft of something sacred
convenecome together; assemble; call to meet; Ex. convene the council
potpourriheterogeneous mixture; medley; mixture of dried flower petals a pot (to give a pleasant smell to a room)
ghastlyhorrible; terrifying; resembling ghosts; CF. aghast
propsupport placed under or against something; V.