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GRE Word List


groom oneself with care; adorn oneself

The meaning of the word primp is groom oneself with care; adorn oneself.

Random words

carafeglass water bottle; decanter
insensatewithout feeling; lacking sense; foolish
credentialevidence concerning one's authority; written proof of a person's position; Ex. The new ambassador presented his credentials to the court.
valedictorypertaining to farewell; N: farewell address (esp. at graduation exercises)
manifoldmany in number or kind; numerous; varied
amicablepeaceful; politely friendly; not quarrelsome; Ex. amicable settlement
vagarycapricious happening; caprice; whim; CF. wander
ensconcesettle comfortably; place comfortably (in a secure place)
equestrianrider on horseback; ADJ.
stanzadivision of a poem (composed of two or more lines)

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