GRE Word List


take pleasure in great comfort

The meaning of the word luxuriate is take pleasure in great comfort.

Random words

diemetal block used for shaping metal or plastic; device for stamping or impressing; mold; CF. dice
taciturnhabitually silent; talking little
whelpyoung animal (esp. of the dog or cat family); young wolf, dog, tiger, etc.
assertstate strongly or positively; demand recognition of (rights, claims, etc.); make a claim to (by forceful action); Ex. assert one's independence
notchV-shaped cut in a surface; V.
pedestrianordinary; dull; unimaginative(lacking in imagination); going on foot; Ex. pedestrian prose; N.
precludemake impossible; prevent; exclude; eliminate
nattyneatly or smartly dressed; dapper; smart; Ex. natty dresser
rideramendment or clause added to a legislative bill
almsmoney or goods given to the poor