GRE Word List


adjoining; neighboring; close by

The meaning of the word adjacent is adjoining; neighboring; close by.

Random words

trappingsoutward decorations; ornaments (as an outward sign of rank)
charismadivine gift; great popular charm or appeal; magnetism
sedulousdiligent; assiduous; paying attention; N. sedulity
analgesiacondition of being unable to feel pain
abominabledetestable; extremely unpleasant
deleteerase; strike out
disproportionlack of proportion (between the parts); ADJ. disproportionate
sententiouspithy; terse; concise; aphoristic
capacitymental or physical ability; role; position or duty; ability to accommodate; Ex. in my capacity as president
subterfugestratagem(deceptive scheme); pretense; evasion; Ex. resort to a harmless subterfuge