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GRE Word List


cut into small parts; cut (a body) apart limb from limb

The meaning of the word dismember is cut into small parts; cut (a body) apart limb from limb.

Random words

witticismwitty saying; wisecrack(clever joking remark)
composuremental calmness
utopiaideal place, state, or society; ADJ. utopian
nibbeak(bill); pen point
anchorsecure or fasten firmly; be fixed in place; N. anchorage
feeblemindeddeficient in intelligence; very stupid
dofftake off; OP. don
clippersailing vessel built for great speed
unearthdig up; discover (facts) by careful searching; Ex. He unearthed some secrets about her; OP. conceal
hemsurround tightly so that movement is impossible; Ex. hem in; N.

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