GRE Word List


cater to (the low desires of others)

The meaning of the word pander is cater to (the low desires of others).

Random words

egotisticalegotistic; excessively self-centered(egocentric); self-important; conceited
inclementstormy; unkind; unmerciful; CF. clement
pinionrestrain or immobilize by binding the wings or legs; N: bird's wing
instigatestart; urge; provoke; incite; Ex. instigate a search/quarrel
pandemoniumwild tumult(commotion); wild noisy disorder; CF. Paradise Lost
viecontend; compete
personableattractive (in personality or appearance)
transparentpermitting light to pass through freely; easily detected; obvious; clear; Ex. transparent lie
grievancecause of complaint; complaint
indicessigns; indications; Ex. indices of a student's potential; CF. index: something that reveals or indicates; sign; Ex. cost-of-living index