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GRE Word List


having many languages; fluent in several languages

Spring Vocabulary In English

The meaning of the word multilingual is having many languages; fluent in several languages.

Random words

mountebankcharlatan; boastful pretender
fundamentalbasic; primary; essential
resentmentindignation; bitterness; displeasure; V. resent: feel anger about
pastesmooth viscous mixture as of flour(powder made by crushing grain) and water (used as an adhesive); V: cause to adhere by applying paste
mnemonicpertaining to memory; assisting the memory; N: device, such as as formula or rhyme, used as a mnemonic aid
circumlocutionindirect or roundabout expression (by using an uncecessarily large number of words esp. when trying to avoid answering a difficult question directly)
occludeshut; close; obstruct; Ex. A blood clot occluded an artery.
amokin a state of rage; Ex. run amok
crassvery unrefined; grossly insensible; crude and undiscriminating; Ex. crass behavior
apoplexystroke; loss of consciousness caused by too much blood in the brain