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GRE Word List


general agreement; opinion reached by a group

The meaning of the word consensus is general agreement; opinion reached by a group.

Random words

swear-wordword considered offensive; Ex. ``bloody''
entrepreneurbusinessperson (who assumes the risk of a business venture); contractor; ADJ. entrepreneurial
revertrelapse; backslide; turn back to; return to the former owner; N. reversion
terminalpart that forms the end; railroad or bus station; ADJ. forming an end; ending in death; fatal; Ex. terminal cancer
mettlecourage (to continue bravely in spite of difficulties); spirit; ADJ. mettlesome
virtualin essence; existing in essence though not in actual form; for practical purposes; Ex. virtual ruler/space
flounderstruggle and thrash about; proceed clumsily or falter (as in water, mud, snow, etc.); proceed in confusion
dilapidatedfalling to pieces; in a bad condition; ruined because of neglect; Ex. dilapidated old car/castle; N. dilapidation
institutioninstituting; (building for the) organization; established custom, practice, or relationship in a society; mental hospital; Ex. institution of marriage
vertigosevere dizziness; giddiness