GRE Word List


cutting; incisive; keen

The meaning of the word trenchant is cutting; incisive; keen.

Random words

partisanone-sided; prejudiced; committed to a party (with dislike of any others); N: strong supporter of a party; guerrilla
felonperson convicted of a grave crime; CF. felony: serious crime
wagshake repeatedly from side to side; Ex. The dog wagged its tail; N: humorous person; wit
enclaveterritory enclosed within an alien land
sheafbundle of stalks of grain; any bundle of things tied together
coniferpine tree (usu. evergreen); cone-bearing tree; ADJ. coniferous; CF. deciduous; CF. evergreen
imperviousimpenetrable; incapable of being damaged or distressed; incapable of being affected (in one's opinions); Ex. impervious to water/criticism
bankheap; piled-up mass; embankment; lateral tilting (as of an aircraft in turning); V: pile up; protect with a bank; tilt in turning
plightdifficult condition; condition or state (esp. a bad state or condition); predicament
deputizework or appoint as a deputy; N. deputy: person who has the power to take charge when the leading person is away