GRE Word List


correct spelling; CF. ortho-: straight; correct; Ex. orthodontics

The meaning of the word orthography is correct spelling; CF. ortho-: straight; correct; Ex. orthodontics.

Random words

meanderwind or turn in its course; follow a winding or turning course; move aimlessly and idly
negligibleso small, trifling, or unimportant as to be easily disregarded
potablesuitable for drinking; drinkable
unanimitycomplete agreement; ADJ. unanimous
consistencyabsence of contradictions; uniformity; degree of thickness or firmness; Ex. consistency of thick cream; CF. viscous
enhanceincrease; make greater (as in value, reputation, or usefulness); improve
soporificsleep-causing; marked by sleepiness; drowsy
recourseresorting to help when in trouble; Ex. without recourse to
incendiaryarsonist; ADJ: causing fire; of arson; Ex. incendiary bomb
timorousfearful; timid; demonstrating fear