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GRE Word List


correct spelling; CF. ortho-: straight; correct; Ex. orthodontics

The meaning of the word orthography is correct spelling; CF. ortho-: straight; correct; Ex. orthodontics.

Random words

tridentthree-pronged spear
obsoleteoutmoded; no longer used
brandishwave around (a weapon); flourish
chaffworthless products of an endeavor; husk(outer seed cover) separated from grain; Ex. separate the wheat from the chaff
deduciblederived by reasoning; V. deduce: infer; derive by reasoning
histrionictheatrical; excessively dramatic or emotional; affected; of actors or acting; N. histrionics: histrionic behavior
cunningclever in deceiving; sly; N: cleverness in deceiving; deceit
trothpledge of good faith especially in betrothal; betrothal; Ex. by my troth
acclimateadjust to climate or environment; adapt
campgroup sharing a common cause or opinion

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