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GRE Word List


satisfy to the full; satisfy to excess; cloy

The meaning of the word sate is satisfy to the full; satisfy to excess; cloy.

Random words

incubatehatch; warm (eggs) with the body to promote hatching; maintain at optimal environment conditions for development; be holding in one's body an infection which is going to develop into a disease; N. incubation; CF. incubation:disease
exoticnot native; from another part of the world; strange; intriguingly unusual; Ex. exotic flower/dress
invocationprayer for help (used in invoking); calling upon as a reference or support; act of invoking
trancehypnotic state; ecstatic state; detachment from one's physical surrounding (as in contemplation or daydreaming); CF. transition
motesmall speck (esp. of dust)
colanderutensil with perforated bottom used for straining
plumberone who installs and repairs pipes and plumbing(pipes)
planecarpenter's tool for smoothing and leveling wood; V. CF. flat
specksmall piece or mark; Ex. speck of dust in the eye