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GRE Word List


group sharing a common cause or opinion

The meaning of the word camp is group sharing a common cause or opinion.

Random words

incredulouswithholding belief; skeptical; showing disbelief
serenitycalmness; placidity; ADJ. serene
verdantgreen; covered with green plants or grass; lush in vegetation; Ex. verdant meadows
cantatastory set to music to be sung by a chorus (shorter than an oratorio)
teetotalismpractice of abstaining totally from alcoholic drinks; N. teetotaler;; ADJ. teetotal; CF. T + total
fortitudebravery; courage; strength of mind
azuresky blue
grumblecomplain; mutter discontentedly; grouch; N.
atrocitybrutal deed; ADJ. atrocious

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