GRE Word List



The meaning of the word indigence is poverty.

Random words

hoardstockpile; accumulate for future use; N: supply stored for future use
coyshy (flirtatiously); showing a (pretended) lack of self-confidence; modest; coquettish; CF. job offer¸¦ ¹Þ¾ÒÀ» ¶§
effulgentshining brightly; brilliant
shysterlawyer using questionable methods; unscrupulous practioner
opportunetimely; well-chosen
rendezvousmeeting place; meeting at a set time or place; V.
precisabstract; concise summing up of main points; concise summary of a text
reclinelie down
wiltloose freshness; droop
rectifyset right; correct; CF. rect-: right