GRE Word List


an existence after death

The meaning of the word afterlife is an existence after death.

Random words

titillateto excite pleasurably : arouse by stimulation
veerto change direction or course
toadyone who flatters in the hope of gaining favors : sycophant
adversaryone that contends with, opposes, or resists : an enemy or opponent
extroverta person whose personality is characterized by extroversion : a typically gregarious and unreserved person who enjoys and seeks out social interaction
mergerthe absorption of an estate, a contract, or an interest in another, of a minor offense in a greater, or of a cause of action into a judgment
unwarrantedlacking adequate or official support : not warranted : unjustified
macabrehaving death as a subject : comprising or including a personalized representation of death
impoliticnot politic : unwise
tangiblecapable of being perceived especially by the sense of touch : palpable