GRE Word List


given to or characterized by insolent rudeness

The meaning of the word impertinent is given to or characterized by insolent rudeness.

Random words

pedestalthe support or foot of a late classic or neoclassical column see column illustration
illuminateto supply or brighten with light
dilemmaa usually undesirable or unpleasant choice
plightto put or give in pledge : engage
retroactiveextending in scope or effect to a prior time or to conditions that existed or originated in the past
turbidthick or opaque with or as if with roiled sediment
hibernalof, relating to, or occurring in winter
tycoona businessperson of exceptional wealth, power, and influence : magnate
sinuousof a serpentine or wavy form : winding
impiousnot pious : lacking in reverence or proper respect (as for God or one's parents) : irreverent