GRE Word List


to incite or rouse as if with a goad (see goad

The meaning of the word goad is to incite or rouse as if with a goad (see goad.

Random words

methodicalarranged, characterized by, or performed with method or order
mercurialof, relating to, or born under the planet Mercury
fetidhaving a heavy offensive smell
smeltany of a family (Osmeridae) of small bony fishes that closely resemble the trouts in general structure, live along coasts and ascend rivers to spawn or are landlocked, and have delicate oily flesh with a distinctive odor and taste
usurythe lending of money with an interest charge for its use
dossiera file containing detailed records on a particular person or subject
scabbarda sheath for a sword, dagger, or bayonet
snubto check or stop with a cutting retort : rebuke
reposea state of resting after exertion or strain