GRE Word List



The meaning of the word impeccable is faultless.

Random words

mandateorder; charge; authoritative command; power to govern another country; power to given to a government; region under administration; V: give a mandate to; place under a mandate; Ex. mandated territory
slothslow moving tree-dwelling mammal; laziness; ADJ. slothful: lazy; indolent
gustoeager enjoyment; zest; enthusiasm
infractionviolation (of a rule or regulation); breach
nullifymake invalid; make null; invalidate
motesmall speck (esp. of dust)
jumblemix in a confused way
volatilechangeable; of a quickly changing nature (as of temper); mercurial; tending to violence; evaporating rapidly; Ex. volatile character/situation in the street
rationfixed portion; V: distribute as rations