GRE Word List


the quality or state of being insolent

The meaning of the word insolence is the quality or state of being insolent.

Random words

definitiveserving to provide a final solution or to end a situation
exonerateto relieve of a responsibility, obligation, or hardship
recountto relate in detail : narrate
resonantcontinuing to sound : echoing
shoveto push along
vertebrateany of a subphylum (Vertebrata) of chordates that comprises animals (such as mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes) typically having a bony or cartilaginous spinal column which replaces the notochord, a distinct head containing a brain which arises as an enlarged part of the nerve cord, and an internal usually bony skeleton and that includes some primitive forms (such as lampreys) in which the spinal column is absent and the notochord persists throughout life
capillaryresembling a hair especially in slender elongated form
covenanta usually formal, solemn, and binding agreement : compact
prizesomething offered or striven for in competition or in contests of chance