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GRE Word List


not identical on both sides of a dividing central line

The meaning of the word asymmetric is not identical on both sides of a dividing central line.

Random words

sultry(of weather) hot; sweltering; sensual; voluptuous
cynosureobject of general attention; person or thing that is a center of attention; CF. Ursa Minor
austereforbiddingly stern; ascetic; without comfort or enjoyment; severely simple and unornamented; Ex. a monk's austere life; Ex. austere grandeur of the cathedral; N. austerity
halfheartedexhibiting little interest or enthusiasm
potentialexpressing possibility; latent; N: capacity for growth
incompatibleinharmonious; N. incompatibility
negligenceneglect; failure to take reasonable care; ADJ. negligent: neglectful; lax; not taking enough care
divergevary; go in different directions from the same point; ADJ. divergent: differing; deviating
stranglekill by choking or suffocating; suppress