GRE Word List


time long past; Ex. in the days of yore

The meaning of the word yore is time long past; Ex. in the days of yore.

Random words

impenetrablenot able to be pierced or entered; beyond understanding; impossible to understand; Ex. impenetrable mystery
cajolepersuade by praise or false promise; coax; wheedle
putrefymake or become putrid; N. putrefaction
unfeignedgenuine; real
impedimenthindrance; stumbling-block; speech defect preventing clear articulation; Ex. speech impediment
nibbeak(bill); pen point
stipplepaint or draw with dots or short strokes
penetrateenter into; pierce; permeate; see through; grasp the inner significance of; understand
travailstrenuous work; toil; painful labor; labor of childbirth
obeseexcessively fat; N. obesity