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GRE Word List


play and jump about happily; frisk; Ex. frolicking young lambs

Spring Vocabulary In English

The meaning of the word frolic is play and jump about happily; frisk; Ex. frolicking young lambs.

Random words

sleazyshabby and dirty; flimsy; insubstantial; Ex. sleazy back-street hotel/fabric
dismisseliminate from consideration; no longer consider; put out of court without further hearing; reject; discharge from employment; direct to leave; ADJ. dismissive; N. dismissal
factionparty; clique (within a large group); dissension
garnishdecorate; add a garnish to; decorate (food or drink) with small items such as lemon slices; N.
disinterdig up; unearth; OP. inter
penitentrepentant; N.
withstandstand up against; resist successfully
adulationflattery; admiration that is more than is necessary or deserved
cryptsecret recess or vault usually used for burial; underground room (under a church)
debonair(of men) friendly, charming, and fashionably dressed; aiming to please; CF. of good disposition