GRE Word List


nonsense; nonsensical or unintelligible talk or writing; babbling

The meaning of the word gibberish is nonsense; nonsensical or unintelligible talk or writing; babbling.

Random words

cedeyield (title or territory) to (esp. after losing a war); surrender formally; N. cession
credentialevidence concerning one's authority; written proof of a person's position; Ex. The new ambassador presented his credentials to the court.
implicationsomething hinted at or suggested; implying; implicating
extortwring from; get money by threats, etc.; obtain by force or threats; CF. extortionate: exorbitant
primproper to the point of affectation; very precise and formal; exceedingly proper
untenable(of a position, esp. in an argument) indefensible; not able to be maintained
harborgive protection (by giving food and shelter); provide a refuge for; hide; keep in mind (thoughts or feelings); Ex. harbor a grudge/criminal; N: place of shelter; refuge
miasmaswamp gas; heavy vaporous atmosphere often emanating from decaying matter; pervasive corrupting influence; noxious atmosphere or influence
reducediminish; bring to a weaker or more difficult condition; demote; lower in rank; separate into components by analysis; Ex. reduced to the ranks; Ex. reduce the house to rubble; N. reduction
traduceexpose to slander