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GRE Word List


what someone deserves

The meaning of the word deserts is what someone deserves.

Random words

triflesomething of little importance or value; small amount; Ex. a trifle; V: treat without seriousness; flirt
hardy(of people or animals) sturdy; robust; (of plants) able to stand inclement(stormy) weather
predatorpredatory animal or bird; predatory person; creature that seizes and devours another animal; person who robs or exploits others; ADJ. predatory: living by preying on other organisms; plundering; N. predation
desertswhat someone deserves
depositiontestimony under oath; deposing; dethroning
caninerelated to dogs; doglike
conjugalpertaining to marriage
subsequentfollowing in time or order; later
muskyhaving the odor of musk; N. musk: odorous substance secreted by an Asian deer
mendaciouslying; habitually dishonest; N. mendacity