GRE Word List


having an unnatural or false appearance or quality : artificial

The meaning of the word contrived is having an unnatural or false appearance or quality : artificial.

Random words

motilitythe quality or state of being motile : capability of movement
cajoleto persuade with flattery or gentle urging especially in the face of reluctance : coax
prodigiouscausing amazement or wonder
slougha place of deep mud or mire
sleeperone that sleeps
negateto deny the existence or truth of
herpetologista branch of zoology dealing with reptiles and amphibians
mammalany of a class (Mammalia) of warm-blooded higher vertebrates (such as placentals, marsupials, or monotremes) that nourish their young with milk secreted by mammary glands, have the skin usually more or less covered with hair, and include humans
forbearancea refraining from the enforcement of something (such as a debt, right, or obligation) that is due