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GRE Word List


suggestive; implying; serving to indicate

The meaning of the word indicative is suggestive; implying; serving to indicate.

Random words

cynicalskeptical or distrustful of human motives; N. cynicism; CF. cynic: person who believes all people are motivated by selfishness
dissimulatepretend; conceal by feigning; dissemble
prostratestretch out full on ground; make prostrate; enervate; Ex. prostrating illness; ADJ: lying face down; having lost all strength
dynamicenergetic; vigorously active
varnishpaint used to coat a surface with a glossy film; glossy coating produced by using this substance; Ex. nail varnish; V.
assayanalyze (to discover what materials are present); evaluate (soil or ore)
centripetaltending toward the center
barristercounselor-at-law or lawyer in the higher court of law; CF. bar
witticismwitty saying; wisecrack(clever joking remark)