GRE Word List


suggestive; implying; serving to indicate

The meaning of the word indicative is suggestive; implying; serving to indicate.

Random words

emulateimitate; rival; try to equal or excel (through imitation)
suffusespread through or over (with a color or liquid); charge; Ex. A blush suffused her cheeks.
ruthlesspitiless; merciless; cruel
lividlead-colored; black and blue (as from a bruise); ashen; enraged; extremely angry
shangri-laimaginary remote paradise on earth; CF. Lost Horizon
pithcore or marrow; spongelike substance in the center of stems; essence; substance
scorenumber of points; written form of a musical composition; reason; group of 20; notch or incision; Ex. full/vocal score; Ex. Don't worry on that score; V: mark with lines or notches; Ex. score the paper to make it easy to fold
fluxflowing; series of changes; fluctuation; Ex. in a state of flux
viperpoisonous snake
filchsteal (things of small value)