GRE Word List


spot; mark with flecks; N: small mark or spot

The meaning of the word fleck is spot; mark with flecks; N: small mark or spot.

Random words

mirageunreal reflection; optical illusion
staminapower of endurance; strength; staying power
conformityharmony; agreement with established rules or customs; similarity; Ex. behave in conformity with; V. conform: be similar; act in agreement; comply; Ex. conform to the rule; CF. conformance
contrivancesomething contrived; machine or apparatus; clever deceitful plan; scheme
swampwetland; marsh; V: flood; overwhelm; drench in with liquid
prohibitiveso high as to prohibit purchase or use; tending to prevent the purchase or use of something; prohibiting; inclined to prevent or forbid; Ex. prohibitive tax
shirkavoid (responsibility, work, etc.); malinger
kneelgo down on one's knee(s)
buoyantable to float; cheerful and optimistic; N. buoyancy; Ex. buoyancy of wood/water/American market
papyrusancient paper made from stem of papyrus plant