GRE Word List


luxuriate; take pleasure in warmth

The meaning of the word bask is luxuriate; take pleasure in warmth.

Random words

traumatic(of an experience) deeply shocking; pertaining to an injury caused by violence; N. trauma: serious wound; emotional shock that causes lasting psychological damage
occultmysterious; secret; supernatural; beyond human comprehension; CF. mysterious to human ?; OP. bare
stammerspeak with involuntarily pauses or repetitions
dutiful(of people or their behavior) respectful; obedient (filled with a sense of duty)
provenanceplace of origin; origin or source of something; Ex. Gunpowder is of Chinese provenance; CF. come
effectiveeffectual; producing a strong response; striking; in operation; in effect; Ex. effective speech/photograph
requisitenecessary requirement; something required; ADJ: required; necessary
enterprisingfull of initiative; showing enterprise
formidablemenacing; arousing fear; threatening; difficult to defeat; Ex. formidable foe/question
respitetime for rest; interval of relief; delay in punishment; reprieve