GRE Word List


wall painting

The meaning of the word mural is wall painting.

Random words

fermentagitation; commotion(noisy and excited activity); unrest (of a political kind); V. produce by fermentation; undergo fermentation; cause (a state of trouble)
woegreat sorrow; deep inconsolable grief; affliction; suffering; Ex. financial woes
castrateremove the sex organs (of a male animal or person)
grievancecause of complaint; complaint
frescopainting on wet plaster (usually fresh)
impietyirreverence; lack of respect for God or piety
redundantsuperfluous; more than is necessary; verbose; excessively wordy; repetitious
savorenjoy; have a distinctive flavor, smell, or quality; N: taste or smell; distinctive quality
wrinklesmall ridge on a smooth surface (face or cloth); V.
suturestitches sewn to hold the cut edges of a wound or incision; material used in sewing; V: sew together a wound