GRE Word List


crafty; cunning; artful; N. wile: deceitful stratagem

The meaning of the word wily is crafty; cunning; artful; N. wile: deceitful stratagem.

Random words

phariseePharisee: member of an ancient Jewish group that emphasized strict observance of the Mosaic law (considering themselves very holy); hypocritical self-righteous person
apostateone who abandons his religious faith or political beliefs; N. apostasy
salutarytending to improve; beneficial; wholesome; Ex. The punishment had a salutary effect on the boy; CF. health
nauticalpertaining to ships or navigation
resound(of a place) be filled with sound; (of a sound) sound loudly; sound back; echo; Ex. hall resounded with laughter
resolutiondetermination; resoluteness; ADJ. resolute: firm or determined in purpose
prosodyart of versification; study of the metrical structure of verse
decoylure or bait; V.
stricturesevere and adverse criticism; critical comments; limit or restriction