GRE Word List


crafty; cunning; artful; N. wile: deceitful stratagem

The meaning of the word wily is crafty; cunning; artful; N. wile: deceitful stratagem.

Random words

animushostile feeling or intent; animosity; hostility; disposition
parecut away the outer covering or skin of (with a knife); trim; Ex. pare apples/expenses
mutablilityability to change in form; fickleness; ADJ. mutable: able to change; fickle; CF. mutate; CF. mutant
wardadministrative division of a city; division in a hospital or prison; incompetent person placed under the protection of a guardian; V: guard; ward off: avert
apogeehighest point; the point farthest from the earth; OP. perigee
anthemsong of praise or patriotism; Ex. national anthem
exodusdeparture (of a large number of people)
lecternreading desk or stand for a public speaker
subsequentfollowing in time or order; later
factotumhandyman; person who does all kinds of work; CF. do everything