GRE Word List


weaken; mitigate; lessen the seriousness of (bad behavior)

The meaning of the word extenuate is weaken; mitigate; lessen the seriousness of (bad behavior).

Random words

saturatesoak thoroughly; imbue; impregnate; charge; fill to capacity
tangibleable to be touched; real; concrete; palpable; possible to realize or understand; Ex. tangible proof
apocryphal(of a story) widely believed but untrue
waggishhumorous; mischievous; tricky
legendexplanatory list of symbols on a map
circumscribelimit; confine; draw a line around
malingererone who feigns illness to escape duty; V. malinger: feign illness to avoid work
officiousmeddlesome; excessively pushy in offering one's services; overly eager in offering unwanted services or advices; Ex. officious bellboy
resonant(of a sound) echoing; resounding(sounding loudly); deep and full in sound; producing resonance; Ex. resonant voice; N. resonance
cronehag; ugly old woman