GRE Word List


plain; clear; obvious

The meaning of the word unequivocal is plain; clear; obvious.

Random words

subdueless intense; quieter; Ex. subdued lighting; Ex. subdue: conquer; make less intense; quiet; Ex. subdue one's anger
grandeurimpressiveness; stateliness; majesty
embossproduce a design in raised relief; decorate with a raised design
temerityboldness; nerve; rashness; Ex. temerity to ask for a pay increase after only three day's work
swelter(of a person) suffer from oppressive heat; be oppressed by heat
awfulterrible; very bad
premiseassumption; postulate; proposition upon which an argument is based
pigmentcoloring matter (usually powder to be mixed with water or oil)
limpwalk lamely; ADJ: lacking firmness; weak