GRE Word List


dead; no longer in use or existence

The meaning of the word defunct is dead; no longer in use or existence.

Random words

incubatehatch; warm (eggs) with the body to promote hatching; maintain at optimal environment conditions for development; be holding in one's body an infection which is going to develop into a disease; N. incubation; CF. incubation:disease
venial(of a fault or sin) forgivable; trivial
clipcut off with shears; fasten; N: something clipped off (as a short extract from film); clasp or fastener
assertstate strongly or positively; demand recognition of (rights, claims, etc.); make a claim to (by forceful action); Ex. assert one's independence
lunarpertaining to the moon
sardonicscornfully mocking; disdainful; sarcastic; cynical; Ex. sardonic smile
seasonalof a particular season; Ex. seasonal rise in employment
fulcrumsupport on which a lever rests or pivots
heedlessnot noticing; disregarding
brawnhuman muscle; muscular strength; sturdiness