GRE Word List


positive, active, and typically mutual hatred or ill will

The meaning of the word enmity is positive, active, and typically mutual hatred or ill will.

Random words

appreciateto grasp the nature, worth, quality, or significance of
obituarya notice of a person's death usually with a short biographical account
jargonthe technical terminology or characteristic idiom of a special activity or group
etymologythe history of a linguistic form (such as a word) shown by tracing its development since its earliest recorded occurrence in the language where it is found, by tracing its transmission from one language to another, by analyzing it into its component parts, by identifying its cognates in other languages, or by tracing it and its cognates to a common ancestral form in an ancestral language
adulterateto corrupt, debase, or make impure by the addition of a foreign or inferior substance or element
dazzleto lose clear vision especially from looking at bright light
germinalbeing in the earliest stage of development
articulateexpressing oneself readily, clearly, and effectively
nominalof, relating to, or being a noun or a word or expression taking a noun construction