GRE Word List


clamorous; noisy; V. vociferate: cry out loudly (when complaining)

The meaning of the word vociferous is clamorous; noisy; V. vociferate: cry out loudly (when complaining).

Random words

siblingbrother or sister
choirgroup of people who sing together (esp. during religious services); place for choir
convexcurving outward
flipsend (something) spinning, often into the air, by striking with a light quick blow; turn over; Ex. flip over
psychosismental disorder; ADJ. N. psychotic
scrutinizeexamine closely and critically; N. scrutiny
pinelong for; yearn; languish from longing or grief; decline
avertprevent; avoid; turn away (eyes or thought); Ex. An accident was averted by his quick thinking; Ex. She averted her eyes from the terrible sight.
yoretime long past; Ex. in the days of yore
vitrioliccausing sharp pain to the mind; caustic; corrosive; sarcastic; of vitriol; N. vitriol: sulphuric acid (which burns flesh deeply); bitterly abusive expression; caustic expression; CF. glass