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GRE Word List


make (a bill) into law

The meaning of the word enact is make (a bill) into law.

Random words

migrantchanging its habitat; wandering; Ex. migrant birds/workers; N: one that migrates
kneadmix; work dough; mix and work into a uniform mass (with the hands); Ex. knead dough
pastoralrural; of rural life; idyllic; of a pastor
mayheminjury to body; crime of willfully maiming or crippling a person; violent disorder; Ex. mayhem in the zoo; CF. maim
idylliccharmingly carefree; simple and happy; Ex. idyllic scene
oculistphysician who specializes in treatment of the eyes
homogeneousof the same kind; uniform in composition throughout
nuptialrelated to marriage or the wedding ceremony; N. nuptials: wedding ceremony
anviliron block used in hammering out metals
rankoffensive in odor or flavor