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GRE Word List


exit; opening for going out; act of going out; OP. ingress

The meaning of the word egress is exit; opening for going out; act of going out; OP. ingress.

Random words

perceptiveinsightful; showing a good ability at perceiving and understanding; aware; wise; of perception
spatulabroad-bladed instrument used for spreading or mixing
derelictnegligent; (of someone) neglectful of duty; (of something) deserted by an owner; abandoned; N: abandoned property; homeless or vagrant person
iniquitouswicked; immoral; unrighteous; N. iniquity; Ex. den of iniquity
tauttight; strained; tense; ready; OP. slack
seditionconduct or language inciting rebellion; rebellion; resistance to authority; insubordination; ADJ. seditious
mirthmerriment; laughter
headstrongwillful; stubborn; unyielding; determined to have one's own way; CF. no 'excessive'
pluckcourage; V: pull off or out; pull out the hair or feathers of; ADJ. plucky: courageous; brave
abodedwelling place; home