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GRE Word List


untidy (of hair or clothing); V. dishevel

The meaning of the word disheveled is untidy (of hair or clothing); V. dishevel.

Random words

deltaflat plain of mud or sand between branches of a river
equinoxperiod of equal days and nights; the beginning of spring and autumn; Ex. vernal/autumnal equinox; ADJ. equinoctial
beneficentkindly; doing good
underscoreunderline; emphasize
jollitygaiety; cheerfulness; ADJ. jolly: merry; gay
nursesuckle; take care of (as a nurse); bear in mind; Ex. nursing mother; Ex. nurse a hope/grudge against someone
disconcertconfuse; upset; embarrass; perturb
statutorycreated by statute or legislative action; regulated by statute; Ex. statutory age limit
shearremove (fleece or hair) by cutting; remove the hair or fleece from; cut with or as if with shears; N: shears; pair of scissors
epicureconnoisseur of food and drink; gourmet; ADJ. epicurean; CF. Epicurus