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GRE Word List


behavior; bearing

The meaning of the word demeanor is behavior; bearing.

Random words

bigotone who is intolerant (in matters of religion or politics)
sumptuousgrand suggesting great expense; lavish; rich; Ex. sumptuous feast
outmodedno longer in fashion or use; no longer stylish; old-fashioned
temperamentcharacteristic frame of mind; disposition; emotional excess; ADJ. temperamental: of temperament; having frequent changes of temper; Ex. temperamental dislike of sports; Ex. temperamental actress
morbidgiven to unwholesome or unhealthy thought; moody; characteristic of disease; Ex. morbid curiosity; N. morbidity; CF. disease
exaltraise in rank or dignity; praise highly; inspire; Ex. exalt the imagination; ADJ. exalted; N. exaltation
categoricalwithout exceptions; made without any doubt in mind; unqualified; absolute
debunkexpose as false, exaggerated, worthless, etc.; ridicule
diversediffering in some characteristics (from each other); various; N. diversity: variety; dissimilitude; lack of resemblance
singularbeing only one; individual; unique; extraordinary; odd; Ex. singular beauty/behavior